Our services

Log Book Servicing

We can complete your log book making sure you maintain your new car warranty.

Air Conditioning

Offering you cool air by servicing your vehicle air conditioning with qualified experts.


Your battery is pretty important deal when it comes to starting it up. If it’s not doing it’s job, we can help you with that.

Auto Electrical

Headlights, alternators, starter motors and electric brakes. Whatever your fancy, we can sort it.

Pink Slips

It comes around every year, sometimes every 6 months. We can get you registered and on your way.


Unless you’re driving on the track, we can get those slicks off and get you fitted up with some good tread.

The Team

Our creative team

Ok, so that’s NOT actually our team… as you probably noticed. Nobody could get decent enough photos to put up. You all know how handsome they look, and if you don’t, come on in. Except Junior, he wanted everyone to see his handsomeness.

So here he is…